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Yellowing of Gray Hair - What To Do

Do you have a problem with your gray hair taking on a yellowish tint? If so, then consider the following options to help you remedy the situation.

1. Purchase and Install a Water Filter - If your home water supply is heavily chlorinated, then you should look into buying a water filter specifically designed to remove the chemicals that may be causing your hair discoloration. The brands and types of purification systems in the market today are extensive, so ask a store employee for help if you're unsure of which type to purchase.

2. Get Rid of Product Buildup - Use a clarifying formula shampoo at least once a month to rid your hair of any styling products that might be causing your hair to turn yellow. Try not to use any clarifying shampoo more than once a month because overuse will make your hair dry and brittle.

3. Buy Blue-Based Shampoos - Products containing a violet or blue base will go a long way in keeping your silver hair shiny and radiant. If at all possible, avoid coating the ends of your hair with blue-based products since the ends of hair are usually more porous and can cause buildup that can weigh hair down. If you're unsure over what shampoo to buy, ask your hairstylist for his or her recommendations.

4. Try a Temporary Color Rinse - Sometimes using a temporary hair color rinse will help neutralize yellow tones and return your hair to its beautiful gray shade.

5. Create a Barrier with Conditioner - If you're a non-smoker who has to work in an office full of smokers, then consider using a leave-in conditioner, which will help create a wall between your hair and the toxins found in smoke.

6. Keep Your Tresses Under Wraps - Not only will covering your hair build a barrier between your hair and cigarette smoke, but it also works wonders eliminating other environmental toxins from the wind, rain, and sun. Wear a swim cap when you go swimming, and always rinse your hair as soon as you leave the pool to keep the chlorine in pool water from discoloring your hair.

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