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Scalp Health And Graying

One of the best ways to combat gray hair is to keep your scalp in tip-top shape. Although it's an unavoidable part of the aging process that relies greatly on your genetic makeup, going gray doesn't have to be a traumatic event. Many women and men have said goodbye to hair dyes and have instead learned to embrace their silver manes.

If you're one of those people, then I probably don't have to tell you that keeping your silver strands beautiful requires a little work on your part. To ensure proper scalp health, follow these important tips.

1. Cover Hair While Outside - To much sun, heat, and snow can make gray hair become dry and brittle. People with balding or thinning hair are more susceptible to scalp damage if they are exposed to the sun for too long, so it's vital to keep your head covered to avoid sun damage to your scalp and/or gray hair. There are many styling products on the market today that include sunscreen in them, but make sure you distribute it evenly to decrease your risk of sun damage.

2. Leave Hair Coloring to the Professionals - If you choose to color your hair, your safest option would be to let a professional hairstylist do it. Most dyes contain chemicals that are harmful to the scalp and in some severe cases can cause allergic reactions Do away with any potential disasters by turning the job over to someone who is trained to handle it. If you decide to use a home coloring kit, always perform a skin patch test before using the product. You can do this by rubbing a tiny bit of the dye in an inconspicuous place, like behind an ear, and if a rash develops after a couple of days then you will know not to use the product on your hair.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle - When a person takes care of their body by eating the right foods and exercising, it shows in more ways than just overall health. By eating nutrient-rich vegetables and other healthy fare, you will also be keeping your scalp nourished, since hair follicles depend on a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates, essential vitamins, and fatty acids in order to thrive.

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