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Myths Associated With Gray Hair

From being overly stressed to chain smoking, the myths that surround graying hair are numerous and sometimes preposterous. But how do you separate fact from fiction? Below are several of the most common myths and the reasoning behind their popularity.

  • Myth #1 - Stress used to be labeled as one of the main culprits when it came to hair turning gray, but researchers never found any conclusive evidence to back the theory until just recently. Studies have shown that our bodies produce an increasing amount of hydrogen peroxide when we're dealing with stressful situations, and this influx of hydrogen peroxide accumulates in our hair follicles and whitens them. This eventually results in a head full of silver strands, so the myth surrounding stress and graying hair really isn't so hard to believe after all.

  • Myth #2 - In the case of smoking and gray hair, this tale is actually a truth. In 1997, researchers in England conducted a study that proved smokers are four times more likely to contend with graying hair than non-smokers. Another great reason to kick the habit!

  • Myth #3 - Unlike popular belief, pulling out one gray hair will not result in more gray hair taking its place. While yes, it is true that plucking a hair will lead to the growth of another hair follicle, this doesn't mean the new hair will be gray. More often times than not, the new hair appears in the individual's natural shade.

  • Myth #4 - It sounds too dramatic to be true...and it is! Suffering through a traumatic event will not make your hair suddenly turn gray. (If this were the case, wouldn't we all have silver manes?) Although stress has been proven to cause gray hair, this happens over an extensive amount of time. The notion that gray hair appears instantaneously due to shock is simply ludicrous.

  • Myth #5 - There is the myth that if one washes his/her hair on a day-to-day basis, one will help to prevent hair from greying. Actually, this is not true. There are no scientific studies which prove that people who wash their hair everyday do not have grey hair.

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