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Double Standard For Men And Women With Gray Hair

It's unfortunate that for hundreds of years we have lived in a visual society where everyone is judged by the way they look. This holds true even in the situation of men and women having gray hair. While older men with gray hair are often viewed as "experienced" and "distinguished", women are subjected to the status of being "old" and "unattractive" if their hair isn't blonde or brunette and perfectly coifed. But, there is good news. As people begin to broaden their horizons, the status quo that comes with who should and shouldn't have gray hair is slowly diminishing.

Changing times?
For centuries, women have been led to believe they should look a certain way, which more often times than not translates into being skinny, having great hair, stylish clothes, a perfect complexion, and basically looking as if they just stepped out of Vogue magazine. Is there any hope for change? I believe so.

By all accounts and purposes, in this day and time there are more women bucking hair dyes and joining the 'Gray Movement', and that's a good thing. Authentic beauty has become the rage. Gone are the days when women panicked over the possibility of a few gray hairs adding years to their faces or sending the message they are letting themselves go. For many, silver tresses are now a shining symbol of life experience, wisdom, and yes-even beauty. Women are refusing the notion that only men can look distinguished and attractive with gray hair...and rightly so! As more women are joining the work force than ever before and gaining promotions and influence, there have been remarkable improvements in the way women with gray hair are viewed.

Do all men in general have it easy with their silver manes? Of course they don't. Yes, men do continue to have an easier time with their gray, but there are those men who are starting to feel the pressures of a beauty-obsessed culture. But the undisputable fact is, we all age and we all turn gray as we grow older. Fortunately, things aren't so black and white anymore as more people are choosing to accept the hard truth.

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